Power Quality was created as an engineering firm dedicated to deeply studying and understanding power quality disturbances and how these disturbances affect productivity.

During the first years of operation we specialized in providing Power Quality Solutions to ensure the integrity and availability of the most sensitive devices / processes.

Partnerships with leading manufacturers have allowed us to integrate a broad portfolio of power protection solutions, accumulating vast experience in various markets.

In recent years, with the interest to serve a growing market, we have developed a new division responsible for designing and implementing Energy Efficiency Solutions.

We keep a couple of offices, one located in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, the other one in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Our clients can be found throughout major cities in Mexico where thanks to our obsession for perfection and confidence given by our customers we have managed to develop fruitful long-term relationships.

Power Quality is composed by a group of engineers whose main objective is to provide innovative, well-designed and impeccable implemented solutions. This has defined the way we uniquely approach each project, always trying to provide the best solution in technical and economic terms.